Monday, June 25, 2012

Crafts and Activities for the Month of July! {Plus, a Link-up}-

Here are a few posts you might like for July:

 and a play
(July 14)
St. Anne and Baby Mary 
for Sts. Anne and Joachim 
(July 26)
and a St. Simon Stock play.
(July 16) 
Ocean in a bottle Craft
AKA: Stella Maris
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You also might like to join in my
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saints by Month Link-Up open for JUNE

Just a reminder that the CeleLINKY with the SAINTS Link Up stays open for you to add your Saints celebrations, crafts and reflections within the month-by-month categories!
Add your favorite Saints posts for JUNE today!  Add your favorite posts for the other months too!
April in particular, needs your posts!

We also have 
 Cele-LINKY through the SEASONS
including Ordinary Time family traditions and activities.

We also have a SACRAMENTS Link-Up for your special Sacrament celebrations, crafts and teaching tools!

These LINK-UPS and MORE Catholic Link Ups are listed in the
CathoLINK LIBRARY...a special directory for Catholic Link-Ups! 
You can even add your own Catholic Link Up Parties within the categories
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